Yes Please! I’ll take an Order of Vulnerability and Courage

Yes Please! I’ll take an Order of Vulnerability and Courage
By Nassim Sana

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”
Brené Brown

We are born into a multi-faceted world that through time creates a shell that we see as human beings. This shell helps us and becomes our protective code of arms of how we choose to present ourselves to the world. This self-created elaborate package is what we hide behind. For most of us, our biggest concern is, what will happen if we are seen as our authentic self? But really the bigger question is can we be honest enough with our inner true being and not live under our own judgment, shame and guilt? How much more peace of mind could we have if we look at our past experiences as teaching tools and see we are perfect and whole?

The idea of authenticity and self-acceptance are still new to most of our ears. In the past, it was easier to conform and live a life that society expected of you.  We wanted everyone to look and act alike our main concern was creating the picture perfect family, house, job and more. Now we are living in exciting times where we get to decide who we want to be and whom we are meant to be. We get to delve into a new world that has space for our inner spirit to grow. This is exciting, challenging and it takes bravery to begin the journey of self-acceptance and authenticity. It’s not always easy looking at the decisions we have made or not made. Sure researching, reading books and working my clients have opened my mind and heart, however, for me, the most important ingredient is having the courage to become fully aware of all my attributes the good and not so good. This isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s been a long process and one that I continue to seek and work on. It has had its peaks and valleys, and the most important thing is I continue to expand my self-awareness, seek, and be honest and vulnerable to myself and others. The most beautiful thing about it is that nothing has to look perfect or be done in a certain way, it just is.

Not to mention taking into consideration of how important it is for me to be patient and kind to myself. Allowing loving me on a level that is detached from what society had dictated to me.  It’s funny how it is easier for us to be patient and kind to others but when it comes to our own conflicts we will do our best to burden ourselves with negative talk and with a thick heavy coat of shame and guilt.  When I look at it guilt and shame have done nothing for me except to keep me in a box with limitations. Events and experiences that we choose or happen to us do not need to become our stories and keep us shackled down. The best part of the awakening is realizing it is the meanings we attach to the stories that continue to feed help nourish the shame and guilt. Working through the shame and guilt is what can help us have that inner peace.

As long as we live under that shadow of not knowing and fear, we can never be who we are meant to be and standing alone knowing that we are never alone because every single one of us has experienced life-changing events. Remember what we fear, is fear of being vulnerable and what our lives will look like if we are no longer under the shadow shame and guilt attached to the old stories. If we think about it fear is false evidence appearing real, and this false evidence we keep holding on too hasn’t served us to be powerful, free authentic human beings. At the end of all the sweat, tears, hard work and courage keep moving forward towards true authenticity and self-acceptance, looking at the past is a way to have more freedom in the present and future. The three key points I have written below can help start you on your journey.


  • Being brave enough to look inside you and to be vulnerable enough to see your how you view yourself and how that story keeps you in shackles and chains. To take the small steps to be able to see your inner truth and beauty.
  • Looking at how shame and guilt haven’t been serving you that it has kept you locked up in a pretty little box
  • Perfection does not exist; perfection is imperfection and having the courage to look at yourself as a whole human being with love, a love that is free of judgment and the unnecessary daily noise that keeps you down.