Time to Create

Time to Create

Nassim Sana, MCAs we approach the holidays and the end of a productive year, I have become more calendar conscious. Like most of us, I asked myself how many days I have left till the holidays? Not to even mention are we even ready for the New Year! I know some of us are thinking where did the year go, what happened? For those of us living in the valley of the sun we haven’t even begun to feel the cold weather on or skin, mentally we are still having one foot left in summer and one foot in autumn. And yet our favorite time of year is around the corner.

Yes the radio is playing Christmas music the stores have their ornate decorations, smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon waft in coffee shops and we are all beginning to feel really excited.

In the meantime we are busy decorating our homes, writing holiday cards and thinking of the perfect gifts to buy. When we are in the spirit of giving we tend to forget about ourselves. Somehow in the midst of everything we forget about the journey we have had the past 12 months. I was watching the news and it reminded me that I only have 30 something days left till I Girl jumps to the New Year 2016 at sunsetbeing a new year. I started thinking what did I accomplish the past year and what do I want to accomplish the next 30 days?
As a Life Coach I like to create a system and look at the past year in a structured way. Most of us in the beginning of the year we create a new year’s resolution and we promise ourselves that we are going to stick to it right? Any one laughing yet! Throughout the year we may stick to some of the resolutions but for the most part we lose our integrity and go back to our old habits. Therefore it’s really difficult for us to look at our resolutions because we may feel like we failed.

My system is really simple;
1. First step put away your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t look at that list don’t read it just forget about it. That list is not the important list.

2. Second step get out your 2016 calendar, a note pad and name it “My Year in Review”. On the 1st 12 pages of the note pad label each page with the months of the year.

3. 3rd step go through your calendar look at each month and write down the accomplishments you created. For example January “I made a new business connection”.

4. Step four, review each month and ask yourself how did I grow emotionally, mentally, physically? What kind of connections did is make? What meaningful things did I achieve, and how have I been contributing to my community? How did I incorporate fun in my life?

5. Step 5 be creative this is, this is all about you and what you have accomplished in the past 12 months.

The important thing to remember is that don’t lose sight of the holidays, they are also about celebrating your achievements. Allow yourself time to reflect and celebrate what you have been grown in the past year. You are the most vital part of your community.

Nassim Sana, M.C, CC Owner of Beauty in Truth Life Coaching LLC