Fine, and Functional, Art

Fine, and Functional, Art
By Mary L Holden
2016 Best Of

J. Anthony Studios
1146 E. Curry Rd.
Tempe, Az. 85281
Facebook: James Anthony Peters

Wood. Metal. Cement. Clay. These are the materials James Anthony Peters uses to customize works of art for his clients. “I’m an artist-for-hire kind of guy,” he says, “and I love to be asked, ‘Is this possible?’”

Peters finds answers—and they show up most of the time in abstract fashion. Two examples: a coffee table with a concave surface he titled “Table of Contents,” or a work titled “Soul Home” that is reminiscent of a Native American dwelling. His furniture designs are unique, but less abstract. “Right now,” he says of a project, “I’m making a king sized four poster, canopied bed out of Peruvian walnut.”

In addition to his work as self-sustaining artist, Peters once worked in a design studio for the film industry. He now works part time at the Mesa Historical Museum to design and build out exhibitions. He likes dealing with their growing collection of historical materials.

This artist’s career began when he was a graduate student in ceramics at Arizona State University. The work Peters did as a student was displayed at Art One gallery in Scottsdale, and that opened lots of doors into what would be his future. For the past 15 years Peters has worked as an artist in the Valley of the Sun. Galleries in Scottsdale, Sedona, Santa Fe and New Orleans represented his works of art until 2008.

Now gallery representation-free, Peters operates from his own studio. He enjoys commissions to build furniture or create sculptures for architects, interior designers and for “friends who’ve saved money to have me make something for their home.” Every piece Peters creates is one-of-a-kind.

You too can become a friend of Peters and have fun saving money to have him create something for your home. Examples of his art may be seen on his Facebook page:

When he’s not working at the museum or creating art, find Peters is on the tennis court or riding a bicycle. He’s also supported charities such as the Crisis Nursery and the Susan G. Komen Foundation by supplying items for their fundraisers. This artist enjoys sharing—whether it’s with clients through photos of works in progress or using art to raise money for the greater good.